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Cognition Master Professional Suite

All imaging tools in one system

Cognition Master Professional Suite VMscope
For microscope cameras and WSI: Several image sources supported
Fully integrated into LIMS and Information Systems
Suitable for studies: Automatic Accumulation in Excel

Ki-67 Quantifier clinical

A publication of the clinical study to our Ki67 Quantifier in “Clinical Cancer Research” can be found here.

Note: CE-IVD software for breast tumors.

ER-PR Quantifier clinical

Note: CE-IVD software for breast tumors.

CD 3 /4/8/15/20 Quantifier

Publications to the CD15 Quantifier can be found here:


Note: Suitable for research and training. Not approved for diagnostic purposes.

HER2 Quantifier clinical

Note: CE-IVD software for breast tumors.

Customer testimonials
Prof. Johannes Seeger
University of Leipzig
Veterinary Anatomical Institute

„Digital Slide Suite enabled us to digitally provide the entire case with specimens for the students. Every student in the lecture room sees the exact same slide including annotations. The students also enjoy the opportunity to learn about the slides from home via the Internet.“

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